Unique RP Columns



Columns with alternate selectivity to "standard" ODS


ACE C18-AR (C18 - Phenyl), C18-Amide

ES Industries Epic Phenyl-Hexyl

ES Industries Chromegabond PSC (C8/C18)
HALO Phenyl-Hexyl

Hichrom RPB (C8/C18)

Kromasil Eternity Phenyl-Hexyl



Columns of long-chain alkyl phases


Acclaim C30

Cogent C27, C30

Cosmosil C22-AR-II

Develosil C30 (many types)

Eprogen C30 (NPS-TAS)

ES Industries Chromegabond C22




Mixed-mode phases


Acclaim WAX-1, WCX-1, HILIC-1, Trinity P1



Columns of non-silica based phases


ES Industries GammaBond Alumina

Inertsil Titansphere

Merck-Millipore Aluspher

Thermo Hypercarb

ZirChrom zirconia-based phases

ZirChrom titania-based phases



Columns of fluorinated phases .... link