AQ Columns



Columns compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases


ACE AQ, C18-Amide, C18-AR, CN-ES

Acclaim PolarAdvantage (PA)

Cogent Bidentate C18

Cosmosil C18-PAQ

Develosil RP-Aqueous, RP-Aqueous-AR, Combi-RP (C30 phases)

Dikma Platisil, Spursil

Eprogen SCD-100, RP-8

ES Industries AquaSep

ES Industries Epic Polar

ES Industries ProTec-RP

Fortis H2O

Genesis AQ

Inertsil ODS-4, ODS-EP, ODS-SP, InertSustain C18

SIELC Primesep, Obelisc

Thermo Fluophase (perfluorohexyl and phenyl phases)