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The ULTRON VX series are silica-based phases. The STR phases are made of perfect spherical and pure silica. The ULTRON PS series are polymeric phases, while the ULTRON ES series are chiral columns.

Ultron phases

  Functional Group Particle, um Pore, A Carbon load, %
Reversed phases  
ULTRON VX-Octyl C8 5 120 10
ULTRON VX-ODS C18 5, 10, 15 120 16
STR ODS-II C18 5 120 17
STR ODS-M C18 5 100 15
Normal phase  
ULTRON VX-SIL - 5 120 -
ULTRON AF-HILIC proprietary 5 120 -
ULTRON AF-HILIC-CD proprietary 2, 5 120 -
Polymer phases  
ULTRON PS-80H cation exchange 10 - -
ULTRON PS-80N sugar Na type 10 - -
ULTRON PS-80C sugar Ca type 10 - -
ULTRON PS-80P sugar Pb type 10 - -
ULTRON CI cation exchange 10 - -
ULTRON CL anion exchange 10 - -
Chiral phases  
ULTRON ES-OVM protein immobilized silica 5, 10 120 n/a
ULTRON ES-PEPSIN protein immobilized silica 5 120 n/a
ULTRON ES-CD bonded cyclodextrin 5 120 n/a
ULTRON ES-PhCD bonded cyclodextrin 5 120 n/a
ULTRON ES-BSA bovine serum albumin 7 120 n/a


ULTRON PS-80H is a sulfonic acid type polystyrene cation exchange resin for organic acid analysis.

ULTRON PS-80N / -80C / -80P are ligand exchange columns for the separation of sugars and sugar alcohols.

ULTRON CI was developed for the analysis of inositol.

ULTRON CL is used for glucuronic acid analysis.

ULTRON ES-OVM and ES-PEPSIN are two complementary protein-based CSPs: ES-Pepsin column will better resolve many compounds the ES-OVM column may not, and is excellent for separation of basic compounds because of the lower isoelectric point of pepsin. Both types of columns can be used with RP mobile phases such as acetonitrile or ethanol and phosphate buffer.
ULTRON ES-OVM is the only CSP conforming to the USP L57 designation.

ULTRON ES-CD and ULTRON ES-PhCD are effective for the enantiomeric separation of hydrophobic cyclic compounds. Mobile phase of both RP and NP modes can be used for the separation of optical isomers.

ULTRON ES-BSA is bovine serum albumin immobilized CSP for enantiomer separation. It can be used for the analysis of acidic compounds such as arylpropionic acid drugs. Aqueous mobile phase is used with this column.