Events in Europe



RAFA 2022 (10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis)

6 - 9 September, 2022 (Prague, Czech Republic)

RAFA 2022

In line with the concept of previous events, RAFA 2022 will provide an overview of contemporary trends in ANALYTICAL & BIOANALYTICAL STRATEGIES IN FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY CONTROL and discuss CHALLENGES / NOVEL APPROACHES IN FOOD AND NATURAL PRODUCTS ANALYSIS.





ISC 2022 (33rd International Symposium on Chromatography)

18 - 22 September, 2022 (Budapest, Hungary)

ISC 2022

The major focus of the symposium will be on the impact of chromatography and separation science to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, environmental, food and health industry, as well as science and medicine. The symposium programme will reflect these themes and highlight new challenges and emerging opportunities for the science and marketing of separation and detection systems and methods.





EPRW 2022 (14th European Pesticide Residue Workshop)

19 - 23 September, 2022 (Bologna, Italy)

EPRW 2022

The EPRW events put together more than 500 experts from all over the world, coming from govermental and private food control laboratories, public authorities, regulatory bodies, universities and research institutes, food producers and distributors, agrochemical manufactures and other interested parties. The EPRW is an excellent opportunity for international experts to connect and exchange information and experience in all the fields related to the evaluation and control of pesticides residues. It is the occasion for proficous interactions between the experts and all important vendors of analytical equipment and consumables that will present their latest equipment for pesticide residue analysis in a large exhibition area.