Fortis SpeedCore MDKs

Fortis SpeedCore Method Development Kits

Until 30 September 2018

...... 3-column kits for the price of two columns!


- SpeedCore C18
- SpeedCore C18-PFP
- SpeedCore RP18-Amide




Fortis SpeedCore MDK Brochure






Kromasil 30

Kromasil UHPLC columns

Until 31 October 2018

20% off list price for all small particle (1.8 and 2.5um) columns

(including Kromasil Classic, Kromasil Eternity and EternityXT)

The offer also includes the Kromasil ClassicShell and Kromasil EternityShell, plus the 2.5um Kromasil SFC.


List of all columns (pdf)


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